Saturday, March 28, 2009

jam bumi???

ari ni earth day..we should shut da light off...luv our earth..keberadaan ak d cheras is find..all nadia famly sume support saranan kerajaan tok turn off da light..but b4 dat, we sempat go 2 sungai besi..pasar gle..i bought a new scarfs..santek..2..1 itam, 1 ceklat..ok la..i got nadia mom price..RM8.00 only for each..mne leh dpt g2...n i not 4got 2 buy my seluar also..huhuhu... we get back at 8.30..i thought everyboby will support earth hour..but not at is only 60 minutes to shut off da light..plzzzz la...hurm..but, i cll my mom dat fmily also support k..smapi je kt rumah nad we juz sty outside bcoz it is dark inside nadia house..wa..i see so many bintang..seronok..huhuh..i luv bumi..huhuhu... ooo..b4 i fogot..mse kt pasar td i got a news from my lalink..he said that usop was accident..i igt x brape truk..rpe2 nye usop mengalami kecederaan y amt so sorry coz im not der to melawat usop at hospital..i wish to hve der so sorry usop..i will der ok.. ralat plak, coz ak ngn usop b4 dis mcm da agak la sket prob kot..last presentation ak ngn die ari rabu..DIGI sorry usop...ak x pnh laen la..ak tetap ak..huhuhu...

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