Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mummy vs daddy

when i paint my dad scream..."what happen 2 ur nail" but my mom really cool, "la..ap la black colour, inai merah kn cantek"..when i colour my mom scream..."what r u doin 2 ur hair???" abah very cool.."ok la...but if more like 2 balong ayam, u should cut ur hair.."(like balong ayam means kaler plek2).. my mom n my dad alwayz give a diffrent respon when im doin somthing..sumtime im getin tension becoz of mom more like me in short hair, but not 2 my dad..n, d other thing that i really geram, time nk blik cuti sem ari mom said, plzz get hrry, so im thinking to going home within nite train..but my dad said, ala, lambat2 pon xpe, org gile je blik pagi2 bute, x pyah tekejar2...hurm...diz is difficult me 2 make a dcision... eeerrrghh.. marah..marah..marah...but y paling paling lil bro..always cncent about me..balik je.." ateh, u chnge ur hair colour ea??""ateh, u chnge ur handphone??""ateh, u paint ur nail??""ateh, what hppen 2 ur eye???""ateh, u chnge ur eye colour??" many ques..but..i know..he cncent about me..huhuhu..i luv my family so much..

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